Services introduction
Innovative AI Enabled
Audio Advertisement Platform is a fully networked, AI driven, smart advertising platform integrated with free mobile chargers, which will be installed in various strategic locations in Kerala. These units are interconnected to our server network which manages the playback as well as analyzes feedback data.

What we offer

Innovative Advertising Channel

We bring you a new and innovative Ad channel, with a rare mix of media and service on a single platform, enabling you to publish your musical work as well as Ad campaigns, direct from your desk.

What we do

User Engagements

Our platform is capable to fascinate users through music entertainments, innovative audio games and audio coupons on top of a high utility public service.

at NO COST !

What's our strength

Strong Engineering Team

Our multi-dimensional engineered team is capable to bring in new frontiers of technology to Ad industry quickly. Our capability to implement technology changes quickly and rapidly puts us at par with Ad industry tech trends.

We bring the best things
For you

Audio Advertisement

Audio advertisement with accurate
metrics measurement.

Digital Coupons

Easy, redeemable, interactive digital coupons for customers.

Campaign Tracking

Powerful and accurate campaign effectiveness trackers.

Real-time Data

Real time data of hits & metrics of your running campaigns.

Advertiser Dashboard

Create, control and view campaigns using our easy dashboard.

Assured ROI

ROI can be assured using our sales tracking methods.


What makes us different from the other companies

Create, Control and View your campaigns via advertiser dashboard

You can control very aspect of your campaign via our user-friendly web based dashboard. Our dashboard is designed with standard elements which is easy to understand and is used by many web admins.

We bring you the latest advertisement technology to your finger tips

A drastic and inevitable change in Ad industry is on it's way. Adaption of block chain and AI driven platforms are being currently researched on. Our engineered team is equipped with all tools required for seamless technology adaption. value our user's privacy

As part of our strict customer privacy policy, does not collect / record / store any private data from any of our users of our free USB charging service.

Are you ready to feel and experience the new Ad technology platform?

To get started, please feel free to contact us with your queries.